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I was about to go to my room, but decided to look into my stepsister’s room and saw how she was sleeping, her short golden hair was disheveled, and the T-shirt was pulled up to her neck, she was not wearing a bra, I froze and looked at her bare chest, my cock rose and hardened. I decided to come closer and as close as possible I checked whether she fell asleep with a wave of her hand in front of her face and moving her shoulder, it was clear that she was sleeping very soundly, I touched her nipples and began to gently crush her beautiful breasts, my cock is so hardened that I could not restrain myself and pulled it out of my pants, bestteenporn.club starting to masturbate, after which I wanted something more and began to pull off short shorts with panties from her, to my surprise there was no hair there, I ran a hand over her labia and climbed onto her bed rising up n before her, I felt a hole in my pussy with my finger, slowly began to insert my dick there, it was an incredible sensation, it was warm there and I felt like my dick touched every wall and crease, I started to fuck her, after such a stepsister opened her eyes sharply, but I grabbed her so that she could not escape. - What are you doing? I decided to remain silent and continued to fuck her, my stepsister began to moan. - Stop it ... She already stopped resisting and completely surrendered, I felt like an orgasm was coming, I pressed against her and finished. With heavy breathing, I wept down and accompanied my panting stepsister too. - You moron. - said the stepsister and climbed under the covers, showing that she did not want to see me. I left her room and headed to my room with a tremendous mood, today I experienced an unforgettable experience.

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